Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy New Year

After years of ushering in a new year together, 2017 walked into our lives in three different cities. Bonsai, Sequoia and I; three peas of a pod were in our respective now home cities for this year's crossover. We were all with those who care tremendously about us, but the missing joy of a tight warm hug from my two angels and heart-warmers did leave me craving as I went to bed.
The gratitude for the joys of the gone year was foremost in my thoughts as I woke up to a bright first morning of this new year. Every month of 2016 has left a memory that brings a smile on my face or has me thankful for all that life has blessed all three of us with. So whether it was January when the three of us spent a fortnight together or whether it was September when Bonsai and I shared moments of change; it was a year of joyful togetherness.
As I look back at my life, reflecting on my journey so far and contemplating the road ahead, my heart swells with affection for the friends who have been there at every step of the way. Appyrichvictor, a name that comes again and again in my posts, has held my hand through the toughest times. The Harried Porter, an individual who I was once in awe of, has shown me the errors of my way in the most loving manner. Busybee and Omegta, the two or should I say four shoulders, are always there for me despite the distance of seven seas in all matters - tiny, small or big. Spectacle, he who has never been judgemental, has always been a source of encouragement and moving ahead. And then there is Calvin, he may not be there but he is always there. And he is always the one to bring me pleasant surprises. My world and my life are so much happier and richer because of these beautiful souls. 
There are those I do not mention - including my parents, my guiding forces; not because they are less important or dear, but with the hope that they understand without saying how much they mean to me. They have all helped me become a better individual day after day. I could not have handpicked this warm, fuzzy and loving lot, had fairy Godmother granted me that wish herself! 
Just as I am about to close this post, my mind wanders to a call I received last night. The Farmer, as I would like to call her, has spread cheer every time the team has needed it. Her infectious laughter was palpable over the call last night and when she wished me, without knowing, she echoed what was on my mind. She is that - knows me, tempers me and indulges me too. How she came into my life, I don't know. But I am glad she is here. 
And so on that note of happy walk-ins and a surprise visit of my grandmotherly neighbour who has come to bless me for the new year, I start my posting for 2017. May this year bring in winds of change that sprinkle stardust of love, peace and harmony. May the next twelve months ooze fragrance that fills every pore with health, vigour and optimism. May the new year bring in a new equilibrium where every life has balance, stability and prosperity. 
Happy New Year.

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