Sunday, 22 January 2017

A weekend with winter

Up close and personal, I stared at the gentle wafting waters of the Ganges as the boatman waited patiently at the pilgrim dotted bank that was alive with the smell of incense and the glow of earthen lamps. Far away at the horizon, the pink and orange hues of the setting winter sun smiled at the swaying yellow mustard that caressed the soft and bright green fields. And submerged between these two distinctly different and equally beautiful banks, lay the wishes, dreams and prayers of a million hopefuls who had braved the winter to come to this proclaimed center of the universe. 

As the morning bloomed, the aromas of ginger and cardmom tea engulfed the air while the hot and crispy lentil and vegetable fritters fought to attract the rightfully due attention. As the afternoon approached, the saffron and dew laden milk froth tickled the sweet buds of the salivating greedy tongues. As evening dawned,  citrus and mint were the flavours that dominated and danced. All the flavours of the winter had burst into action, seemingly, all in one day.

At night, the warmth of the melt at touch Jaipur quilt kept the freezing cold air at bay. The baby touch like silk added to the fashion and glamour during the day. And as the orange and pink began to appear at the horizon, the drama of winter threatened to restart; but then wool and fleece began to display their might. The many textures of the varied textiles made the winter sojourn special.

And yes I still say I am wary of the winter season. It still may not be my favourite time of the year. But this weekend, a tryst with this season, brought to attention why it always deserves and commands a special mention.

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