Monday, 18 January 2010

Swimming in the Sea of Life

It’s the tides that rise and fall. I make no effort all. It’s their movement; but it appears to be my action. As I finish my swimming lesson and emerge from the sea, I realise that it is a similar case with life. The winds blow and we bend their way. Circumstances, beliefs and experiences make us take the paths that we select.

If I had ever come close to drowning, I would never ever attempt to swim. Had I faced a shark or a whale, even the thought of the seas would scare me away. But the water has always had a claming effect on me. The blue seas have given me the hope of a better tomorrow. The numerous gorgeous sunsets over the oceans have enticed me, goading me on to explore the jungles of the tides. And so I want to learn to swim.

I have embarked on this journey to learn, as I have always lived guided by my gut instinct, and today that instinct tells me that I need to be able to hold my own in the deep seas. I am unsure of how long I will take to learn but I hope to master the craft. I want to understand the water so that I can swim like a fish. In this adventure I want to succeed so that I can swim in the ocean of life and encounter the joys of togetherness…

And as I carry on my lessons and my attempts I hope that nature helps me on the way.

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Anonymous said...

I share a similar sentiment with water...there is something awe-inspiring yet friendly about it that attracts me to it. Am not a swimmer but am able to float. I guess that's probably how I deal with life as well. Good luck and keep writing :). FV