Wednesday, 27 January 2010

A New Beginning

Paulo Coelho in the Alchemist says, “When someone makes a decision, he is plunging into a rushing torrent that could lead him to a place he had never dreamed of going when he made that decision.” True indeed; such has been my experience in the last three years.

I made a decision three years ago which had a number of people questioning my judgement in leaving a well known internationally recognised brand for a niche focussed globally ranked franchise. The quest for excellence and enhancement of experience were the primary motivations driving my decision. However, over the years it became a life defining journey. Yes I improved my skill set and gained tremendous experience but most of all I loved every moment of my working day. The encouraging team environment and the entrepreneurial atmosphere gave me the courage to take up an overseas assignment with a foreign partner. I wanted to build the brand in a new geography and somewhere selfishly looked to be in the land where I thought my heart was.
In twelve months I established the brand and gained ground, but most importantly my thought turned into conviction – I knew that I belonged in India and in no place else. The trials and tribulations of my initial months in India only strengthened my keen desire to move back to India, bag and baggage. The myriad existing opportunities and the upcoming reforms and options in the world of finance are like a ripe wheat field awaiting harvest. No way could I convince myself to turn back. And hence I had to make another decision – to stay or not to stay.

Being honest, I realised that I now need to grow my career in India, but that also meant leaving the wonderful souls I call colleagues. It is not always that one is lucky to have a cohesive, well knit and like minded team to work with. The tussle was between comfort and conviction, between amity and ambition, between the defined and the dreamed. In the end I decided to give in to the torrent once again as it felt right. I resigned.

While I thought it would feel free after the resignation, it does not. There is a little bit of sadness lurking somewhere. The comforting factor is the knowledge that while paths might change, friends remain friends forever. And so on that note I am beginning a new phase in my life. Waiting to see where the waters take me this time. Hopefully, this time too I will sail to my destination.

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Winnowed said...

Sounds like you have a few challenges on your plate. I'm sure you'll tackle them and do very well, whereever you go, whereever you are. All the very best!