Sunday, 11 January 2009

Convicted of Indecision

“I tarried in indecision a moment too long….” says Jane Finch and throws me into thinking whether I am guilty of the same. I stand accused in my own eyes, but maybe I do have a defence. Hesitation and over analysis. Insecurity and lack of confidence. Fear and worry of appearances. All these powerful and legitimate emotions contributed to the indecision, snatching away the moment to act.

Its a few days later and my indecision has come to haunt me. If only I did not swing like a pendulum taking an eternity whether to act or not, and given in to the first instinct to act, I would be absolved from this position of the accused.

The deed though is done and I cannot change what occurred. However, I can apologise and hope that my apologies are accepted, with the knowledge that the indecision was not deliberate.

Question still remains – why do we human beings tarry in indecision only to regret later? Is it ok to be decisive even though one might appear to be outlandish?

I ask this even though I would like to believe Taleb when he says - “To be honorable implies not fearing the appearance and consequences of being outlandish.” Convicted of indecision once again!

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Anonymous said...

aaaahhhh!the agony of taking the plunge!!the pain of wanting to know whats on the other side of the decision!!what da heck!!just jump!!