Monday, 1 December 2008

We the Politicians, Celebrities and Citizens of India

The tragedy is not even over and the leadership of the country is out to gain political mileage. The ruling government has presented the resignations of ministers who could have and should have been more responsible not just in their administration but even in their conduct post the tragedy. Does that help? Not really. Does the government really hold them responsible? Who knows? However, the display definitely seems to calm the public. One good thing that this government is doing – building pressure on foreign soils which need to answer questions they have avoided for far too long.

The opposition is on its own trip. "It is a collective culpable negligence of the government. The responsibility should also be collective and no government has the right to survive after this," party spokesperson Rajeev Prataap Rudy said. Did the reigning BJP government in Rajasthan resign after the Jaipur blasts or did Narendra Modi do anything similar after Ahmendabad was attacked? Then who are the opposition to preach! Can they not use their time and effort more productively by maybe setting up blood donation camps or trying to increase border security in the two Border States just mentioned?

And may I ask where the Mayor of Mumbai is? She has not even come forward once to make a statement in the last three days! Why? What is her contribution to help the city heal?

Appalling! And in the midst of this, the Mumbaikars’ are all screaming and shouting, especially the celebrities. Can I ask how many of them have gone to donate blood, or have deemed it their duty to buy medicines or be there to really care for the injured? Physically attend to the critical night and day? They all want to talk sitting in the cosy confines of their homes, sleep with a pistol under their pillow knowing that they have personal security outside or sit in New York and Delhi and use this tragedy as an interesting talk time quip with friends. Let them rush back and come out of their homes and serve the city that has given them their stature and then talk! Raising money and giving donations is not enough. Do not instigate the people. Shram daan is the answer. Sweat for these people and then instigate them!

Personally, I am on my way back to Mumbai. I made a point to my boss this morning – “I want to go home at the earliest, maybe by the weekend if possible, even if you deem it unsafe. It is my home and I want to be there.” I might just donate blood or I might just be the shoulder for a bereaved friend. But I want to be there. His response – “will you promise to do some work as well”, my response – “I promise I will”. Anything to be back at this hour. He was only joking and I know that.

I get aggravated and I get angry. That is not the answer I understand. I apologise for my rants. But I cannot understand why we are all not putting in efforts but just talking. If Gandhi only spoke, India would not have been free! Each one of us can make a difference. Please rise up to this challenge!

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