Friday, 5 December 2008

India Attacked: By Terrorists and Media

Since the Mumbai attacks, a number of articles have been published in the western press about the tragedy, why it happened and the aftermath. One thing that stands out in a number of them is the poor PR process that our leaders have managed to stage – explicitly in their conduct and implicitly by sheer lack of using the diplomatic forum to project India’s views on this tragedy.

While we are all outraged and desire a number of changes, should the global India diaspora be thinking of how can we help in correcting this lapse on the part of our leaders? Should Indian journalists, in India and outside, contribute towards articles that leave out the complexities that encompass the nation and encourage the world to portray an even sorrier picture of our country?

Take a look at some of these articles (not all of them are unbalanced) and share your views. It will be interesting to see how others feel about this.

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