Monday, 21 July 2008

It happens only in India

India is in dire need of bridging its power deficit gap which could potentially undo all the progress the nation has made to-date. Collaborating with foreign partners on nuclear technology transfer can be a big boon. The left in India, however, disagrees. It is strange but true. The people’s welfare party of India, the left, is not thinking for the people. It is not thinking of the long run. With the government deciding to go ahead with the US nuclear treaty, the left has pulled its support provided to the current coalition government. Result – a vote of confidence in the Lok Sabha tomorrow.

Scenario one: UPA wins and the staus quo remains. However, needing 272 votes, it is unlikely that the UPA government will survive.

Scenario two: UPA loses and there are early elections. In addition to UPA, India loses as in these difficult times attention is shifted from policy making and decision taking matters. There is a drain on the exchequer which only widens the already increasing deficit.

The elections could get the Congress led government comes back to power. Great, once again status quo can be reinstated and the tax payer’s money was only wasted as it is not worth more than water down the drains. However, another unlikely outcome given the current environment of increasing food and oil prices and the lack of support currently being extended to the United Party Alliance (what spectacular unity indeed).

A more probable outcome is another hung parliament with a more fractured coalition. Most likely candidate to lead the new coalition government for India – Mayawati, the erstwhile leader of the “downtrodden”. Does her gang of warlords comprise the new generation think tank that the country needs to leap into another era of growth? Not by any stretch of imagination. If she continues in power then Indians need to brace themselves and prepare for what could be a roller coaster ride. However, once again, in the game of Indian politics, a high likelihood exists of Mayawati government being derailed 6 – 8 months in their seats of power. Having been the Prime Minister, Mayawati would not be able to reclaim her position as the chief minister of her home state Uttar Pradesh (the most populated state in India and hence one with the highest representation in the Parliament). Eliminating a long standing opponent would be a great tactical move by the Congress. However, this would call for another round of general elections and more water down the drain!

While politicians win and lose, the convicted vote for the no confidence motion from their prison cells, the lay man; the most affected person can only wait and watch. So what if she lives in the world’s largest democracy. She, the “proud and educated” Indian citizen has to learn that electoral politics win over electoral welfare any and every day. Such is the state of a shining nation! Some things can happen only in India!

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