Wednesday, 9 July 2008

In Vitro Financing

There was a news article this morning, which I read (courtesy Mr. Cold Caller) with much amusement. Apparently a seventy year old woman in Uttar Pradesh (a Northern state in India) gave birth to twins. The new mother and her husband (a poor farming couple) have two married daughters and grandchildren. However, they were so desperate for a male heir that they took a bank loan for IVF treatment and surprisingly they found a bank ready to grant them such a loan! And here we are racking our brains because of sub-prime! I would really like to know which bank at what terms dished this loan. Will never ever invest my money in that bank at least!

Anyway, coming back to the point. So the IVF treatment has resulted in the couple being blessed with twins (“bhagwan jab deta hai to chappar phad kar deta hai” i.e. when it rains it pours!), a boy and a girl. The couple’s happiness knows no boundaries as their life long wish of having a son has been granted. Now they have someone to look after their property after they die; someone to carry on the family name. But pray I ask who will look after this precious son if the parents were to leave planet earth before the kid turns a teenager? More importantly who will repay the IVF treatment loan? The son? How? By selling the precious property he was born to protect?

It does take all kind of incidents to make life so interesting and spicy! Cheers!

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Preeti said...

haha!! this is so hilarious!! it shows that in todays world the villagers are still bound by age old traditions and ideas.Hopefully we can keep track of this story to find out what happened in the end.......