Thursday, 1 May 2008

Technology and Us

It is almost midnight. I am sitting at my computer working away, trying to ensure that all mails are answered so that the deal goes on smoothly. As I take a break and look down from the window, I see rain drops falling on the pavement. City folk who have been working late (or have been partying) are on their way back home. Most are in a hurry to get inside their warm and cozy homes; however, there is one gentleman who I can see is in no rush. He is typing fervently on his blackberry, oblivious of the rain and the wind. Suddenly I realize, this is who we have become – slaves to technology.

I said slaves, did I not? I take that back. To rephrase my statement, I think we have become accustomed to technology and tend to take it for granted. I take myself for example. Every morning I walk into work and as I take the first sip of my café latte, I log on to Bloomberg. Without checking the market movements, the news and the incoming messages, I cannot seem to start my day. From there I move to checking the trade flows for the previous day on the internal systems. Having ensured I am up to speed on that, I move on to the more routine stuff of emails and voice mails. Coming to think of it, the first thirty minutes of my day, the minutes that set the tone of the day, are dependent on technology.

If I was not to have Bloomberg access, I think I would feel different (cannot think what that would be like!). I do know that last time when I did not carry my laptop on a business trip, I was restless as I could not check the systems daily for price and flow movements. Well, without emails and a phone I do not think I could function. So in some ways, I am thinking once again, are we not slaves to technology! The finance world did function twenty years ago without Bloomberg. Deals were done thirty years ago without email. And people did travel by ship fifty years ago without real time connectivity. How did that world exist? If it means living without my tools and gadgets, I am not very keen to find out. If someone can enlighten me in simple words, then I am all game.

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wooster said...

are we not more informed & empowered now than 50 yrs ago? would you not attribute it to technology?