Thursday, 29 May 2008

Stock Markets and Bond Markets

Now here is some food for thought – “Stock markets are like women. Always demanding, mysterious, unpredictable and volatile. Need a lot of attention and even when given, behave strangely. Not to forget that both are chased by testosterone driven men”.

These are the views of two male friends of mine. Do I agree? Absolutely! However, about the stock markets bit my dear readers.

On the women front, well it is not all true, is it? Let us be fair. Women are only demanding when they want attention or when they are tired of it being easily accessible. Which is absolutely not always, is it? We are unpredictable only to be kind to our male friends. If we become predictable the thrill of the chase will not exist! And if we are volatile how can we be mysterious? All our emotions are expressed with the freedom that is our birth right. We are open books in that case. Are we not? We innocent creatures roaming this planet infested by the scary male species, how can we be any of the aforementioned? To add insult to injury, the stock market can collapse and squeeze every penny out of a man. We cannot even crash and avenge our hunters!

What I would like to say is – “Bond markets are like men. Not quite mysterious or volatile, but quite predictably demanding towards satisfying their yields. Need little attention at the right time and in the right fashion. Have no impact of a chase and like to be left free to follow their own curves.” ;-)

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Anonymous said...

I love this Baggu....not very feminist but still the point comes through..:-)