Saturday, 26 April 2008

Is it the sunshine or is it just me?

I love London and I think that now is an established fact. However, what never fails to surprise me is how this city changes with a little bit of sunshine. It becomes a different place altogether!

Yesterday, I had to go for a business lunch. It had been a tough morning and I was looking for some respite. With the sun out there, I thought walking to my lunch destination might be a good idea. And well I could walk without my overcoat after ages! That was tempting.

I stepped out of the office and was greeted by warm rays of sun stroking my cheeks and a light breeze blowing through my hair. I looked around me and everyone was in high spirits (some more so because of the spirits they had been consuming!). People were all trying to make the best of this day and I guess work was not paramount on most minds. I wondered if I could, for once and just this once, sneak away from work myself. I would love to sit in a café, listen to music and watch the city folk go about their business. What fun it would be, if I could just have the chance to be in the buzzing city and absorb it all rather than having to add to the buzz. Well, as we all know, there is a time and place for everything, and so I walked away engrossed in my thoughts, smiling and hoping that one day I will get this opportunity.

Enroute I had to cross London Bridge. As I came to the center of the structure I paused. The view of London on this beautiful day with clear blue skies was breathtaking. I looked at my watch and realized that I had some time. So I stopped and waited there. The wind was still blowing and the sun was still warm. I looked at the skyline with St. Pauls Cathedral, the Gerkhin, Tower 42, Tower Bridge, Canary Wharf all existing side by side in absolute silence. Golden silence. This has to be the only city in the world with contemporary and historic architecture gelling together and creating such a picturesque view! I was just stunned and humbled by the city once again.

My lunch destination, offices of a prominent city law firm, stands next to one of the oldest landmarks of the city, a beautiful cathedral. While the legal folk go about their trials and transactions, the tourists come and enjoy the splendor of the cathedral. The river walkway is a congregation of photographers, busy restaurant tables and chattering teenagers. It was a perfectly shot scene from a wonderful movie.

We had lunch with a view overlooking the river. The sun had apparently lightened everyone’s mood. There was business talk, there was good food, there was talk about views, travels and opinions. It was a nice lunch. I walked away with new information, new contacts and a new thought. Maybe summer is finally here and this year to stay!

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Pankaj said...

Good to see that you are enjoying life in London :)