Tuesday, 13 September 2016

The Mystery of Being Normal or a Normal Being

Is a normal person conformist or is a conformist actually a normal person? Are those with linear life trajectories normal or do the normal just inherit linear career graphs? Would a normal person abhor outlandish behaviour or would outlandish behaviour desert a normal human being? Who is a normal human being and what defines being normal?

I am not sure when or how these thoughts boarded the backseat of my brain, but since they had been around they were driving my focus off the road. I consider myself very normal, ordinary and the average person next door. But I am far from being a tradionalist. My career choices have always been geometric leaps and to know how atypical I can be, one only needs to speak to just a few of my friends; which is why I keep them hidden from plain view. But thinking about it, all those who have the pleasure of being called my friend, display very similar traits as the ones above!

"So what is normal", screamed the gang of backseat drivers and I kept looking till I chanced upon this - "A Normal person is the sort of person that might be designed by a committee. You know, each person puts in a pretty colour and it comes out grey!" Oh yes! That person I am not and neither are my friends! We love to shine our own lights be they red, yellow, orange, white or blue.

It is true that the seven colours blend in to make white light but it's the rainbow that lends beauty to the white clouds. Red and yellow come together to make orange, but it is when the red, the orange and the yellow are interspersed, that autumn becomes breathtaking. Even a black and white photograph gets character when dotted with the entire spectrum of black to grey to white. Standing alone, no colour is highlighted; and in the backdrop of a range, even the dullest can become a pretty sight.

Then why does the world insist that every person conform to a type? Why does society expect individual lives to follow a pre defined linear path? How can originality be expected separated from being outlandish? Why cannot my normal be mine and yours be thine; and why can we not acknowledge, appreciate and accept that different normals make the world a better normal...

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