Thursday, 23 September 2010

Should there really be a dispute on the Ayodhya Land?

Tomorrow is the big day. The verdict on who the disputed land in Ayodhya belong to will be given by the Allahabad High Court on 24th September 2010. Who can claim that it is their God who should be granted residence on that spot? Which set of believers will have the opportunity to pray on that holy spot? These are questions that are riling up Indians and creating anxiety amongst citizens. Corporates have issued travel warnings. Tension is in the air in cities that saw riots due to the Babri Masjijd issue almost 18 years ago. And I am wondering on the necessity of all of this.
I have been brought up to believe that there is one God. I mean seriously. Think about it. If a corporation cannot function with a co-head structure, if teams need only one leader to guide them towards efficient productive working style and if countries can only take one prime minister or president; is it possible that the world can run as smoothly as it is with more than one God directing the play on planet earth? Impossible that there are more than one God. At least my little brain believes and lives by this theory.
So taking my theory forward, if there is one God; does it really matter whether there is a Ram temple or a Babri Masjid that is constructed on that holy spot! No one is advocating the creation of a casino or a bar or anything that would be considered disrespectful to God. And there is no barring Muslims praying in temples or Hindus praying in a mosque. So I can pray to God at the holy spot irrespective of what place of worship it is.
Should it really matter in what shape is God represented there? Should it matter how the place of worship is addressed? I am a daughter to my parents, a sister to my siblings, a friend to my friends and a colleague to my co-workers. I live many relationships and carry out my duties and responsibilities according to each relationship. It does not change the essence of who I am. And I am but a mere mortal with many a flaw. So if I am recognized as my own person by people, despite the varied relations I share; why can we not accept God as one. He is at the end of the day the Supreme being. The one who is all compassionate and loving. Why do we need to fight over His identity! Do we have our own identities taken care of to fight over how He is represented!
Be it Hinduism or be it Islam or any other religion; love is supposed to be the biggest prayer that human beings can offer to God. Will we really be doing our duty and rendering fair prayers on a spot that is created after spilling blood and spreading hatred? In my view, it will defeat the very essence of God and religion. Why can we not channel our energies for better purposes remains a mystery to me. One that I try to slow unravel everyday; second by second and step after step. I am but a small speck in the world and a cog in the wheel. However, if I make any sense to even one of you, my humble request is that let the cogs work together to run the wheel rather than go in our own directions and tear it apart.

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Navsingh from Financial Technology said...

The verdict is all connected to the country india where both hindu and muslims live.........the verdict pernounced is a victory of india...