Sunday, 29 June 2008

Electric Dreams

Technology companies are full of surprises. Some pleasant and others not so pleasant. This time it is an intriguing innovation brought to the public by an Irish start up, Porto Media and the global technology giant, IBM. They have found a way to get movies to people more easily and quickly in a format that makes life simpler for distributors, retailers and viewers alike. No more DVDs or VCDs or even the need for an internet connection. All you need is a flash memory module and a movie dispensing kiosk by your side. Stick in the memory module drive, pay for the download, wait for a moment as the content is transferred and you can walk away with the film in your pocket to be viewed at home, on a train, on a plane, on the laptop, on a television or a desktop. An exciting proposition, the memory module and kiosks are still not available on the high streets but are under implementation. Technology does make life simple once in a while ;-). Hope this one hits the streets soon. On that happy note, have a great week ahead everyone!

PS: This post is dedicated to Hob Gadling who by far is the biggest tech freak and wizard I know and needless to say adore. This is also for my very dear and adorable friend Mr. Schengen Staat Citizen who would love to work in the media industry and has a passion for films like no one else I know.

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